Oregon Sightseeing

Explore outside of Portland!

If you want to explore Portland proper, please see our list of self-directed sightseeing suggestions. Here are some ideas for day trips away from the city, including outings to Tillamook, Astoria, and Mount Hood, as well as a visit to the Reed ski cabin

Tillamook, Oregon

Take US 26 west from Portland for about 22 miles, then US 6 for another 52 miles to US 101. Things to see and do in and near Tillamook:

Astoria, Oregon

Take I-5 north from Portland for almost 50 miles to exit 36.  Take Washington 432 west to the Lewis & Clark Bridge, 5.5 miles, then US 30 to Astoria, another 45 miles. Coming back to Portland, stay on US 30 for a view from the west side of the Columbia River. Things to see and do in and near Astoria:

Columbia Gorge, Hood River, Mt. Hood, and Government Camp

Take the Mt. Hood loop through some of the most scenic areas in the vicinity of Portland. Things to see and do in this area:

Choose your own adventure!

If you wish to explore Portland, we encourage you to start with these self-directed sightseeing suggestions.

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