Accessibility At Reunions


Reed's campus, like many college campuses, is designed with the Platonic ideal of a nubile twenty-year-old in mind. You may no longer be a reflection of that, or perhaps you never were! If being on campus and getting from one side to the other is discouraging you from attending Reunions in June, reach out! Tell us what would make a difference for you. The Alumni Relations Team is bringing a new focus to making Reunions as inclusive as possible, and we need to hear from you where our blind spots are. Help us help you!

This year, we've introduced a few new aspects to Reunions to make it more inclusive to all.

On-Demand Golf-Cart Shuttle

To aid with accessibility on campus and in the name of making Reunions more inclusive to all, Alumni Relations is introducing a golf-cart taxi service this year. You can call 503-517-4050 to request a ride, and a driver will pick you up and take you to your desired location on campus. We hope this ensures that everyone, regardless of mobility, can easily move around campus. During peak times, response rates may be slow!

The hours for this shuttle are:
Thursday 1pm-8pm
Fri 8am-9pm
Sat 8am-8pm
Sun 8am-1pm


Wheelchair Rental

We understand that some folks may not usually use a wheelchair, but may desire one for criss-crossing campus! We have a few push chairs at Prexy, your check-in location, for use during the weekend. Supplies are limited!

Accessible Lodging on Campus

Reed has a number of accessible dorm room options for folks who are staying on campus during Reunions, including wheelchair-accessible units, lodging on ground levels, flashing/visual emergency alarms in the dorm room, among others. Additionally, service animals are allowed in dorms on campus. We will attempt to balance a centrally-located room against access needs to reduce the need to venture the length of campus to participate!

If you have mobility issues or a disablity that might make a loft bed, stairs in a dorm, heavy doors, or a long trek across campus, please specify that in your registration, or reach out to to let us know how we can make your stay more comfortable!