Virtual Reunions 2021 FAQ

Questions? We have answers!

Why should I attend a virtual Reunion?

Reedies are nothing if not creative, resilient, and invested in making something incredible with the time and resources at hand. Remember the last week before your thesis deadline? Incredible things happen when you give a Reedie a challenge.

Although we aren’t able to celebrate together this year, our group of wonderful alumni volunteers, faculty guest speakers, and staff members have risen to the occasion by planning a delightful array of social gatherings, performances, chance encounters, talks, workshops and other opportunities to reconnect with fellow Reedies.

Ultimately, what makes Reed Reed are the connections Reedies form, whether lifelong friendships or chance conversations in passing. While much is different right now, you can expect that these connections are at the center of what Reunions will offer this year––same as it ever was.

Can I attend if it’s not my reunion year?

Yes, of course—we would love to have you! Most of our events are open to alumni of any class year.

Will any events be in person?

No, all events are virtual due to the constraints presented by the pandemic. We look forward to future Reunions when we can blend in-person and virtual formats to maximize Reedie participation.

How do I register?

Register via our Google registration form! Once you are registered, you will receive an email containing instructions and an event code to access our event platform that contains the Reunions and Alumni College agenda, event descriptions, supporting materials, alumni profiles, and links to all our live events.

Who can attend?

Reed alumni, their families, and the entire Reed community. Bonus points for curious cats and kids and other companions.

Are Reunions and Alumni College really free?

Yes! One positive outcome of this year’s Reunions taking place virtually is that no payment for meals or lodging is needed. You provide the refreshments, we’ll provide the fun!

What tech do I need to attend Reunions?

All you need to access virtual Reunions events is a computer or smartphone, and a reliable internet connection. Our event platform works with both an app and a web browser version (Chrome preferred). Most live events will take place over Zoom, which you may join without creating an account in advance. Kumospace is also a platform we will use. Learn more here. You may be required to create an account to access select events that use a different meeting platform. Check out the Reunions technology guide here!

Help! I can’t figure out how to get the app!

Email for help accessing the event platform.

Can I help organize an event?

We’d love to hear from you! To get involved, email

What if the schedule doesn’t work for me?

We recommend that you register for Reunions regardless as more events will take place than those reflected on the tentative schedule. Additionally, by registering you will have access to our event platform, which will include additional pre-recorded content to be viewed at your convenience. With Reedies scattered across the globe, we can’t meet everyone’s “awake and non-work hours'' perfectly. We will record events whenever possible.

Will events be recorded?

Events will be recorded that have presentations associated and we’ve been given permission from the presenters. Recordings will be made available after Reunions in the event platform.

What can I expect in regard to the accessibility of the virtual reunions platform?

Reunions programming will involve a few different platforms, each with their own accessibility tools. Below is an overview of the major platforms we will use, and some information about the access tools they provide. If the information below does not address your particular access needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to with questions and we will provide more details or see how we can accommodate you.

  • Zoom: We will use Zoom for most live events such as video chats and webinars. We plan to enable Zoom’s auto-captions feature for all events hosted over Zoom.
    • Find more information about Zoom’s accessibility features here.
  • Socio: Socio is our events platform, where you will find our schedule, links to all of our events, and other content.
    • Socio offers several interfaces options designed to support the user experiences of people with differing access needs. These options can easily be accessed through the “Accessibility Adjustments” menu in your profile settings which are found in the lower left hand corner of your web browser, or under the “Me” tab on mobile devices.
    • Find more information about Socio’s accessibility features here.

Can I still make a gift in honor of my class reunion?

Yes, and it's easy! If you make a gift online, simply click on the box that says “Please make this gift in honor of” and fill in your class in the box below. Sending in a check? Note in the memo field it is in honor of your class. Thank you!